10 best actors and actress as Santa Claus

Christmas movies have earned a special place in film and have become a genre with its own history and its own legendary actors: from Edmund Gwen -the first Kris Kringle- to Billy Bob Thornton and Tim Allen, including passing by Lindsay Lohan.while one might think that is a role with little room for originality, this gallery shows the opposite: while some give away toys, others promise hatchet and others dare to seduce the audience beyond permitted for young audiences .
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1. Jack

In “Nightmare before Christmas” ( “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or ( “Nightmare Before Christmas”), Jack lead the project to copy the joy of Christmas Town, but soon realize that the chilling inhabitants of Halloween Town not only can not take a spirit that is you

Tim Allen

2. Tim Allen

The task of Tim Allen in “Santa Clause” is anything but easy: to convince all his loved ones that he is the Father Christmas, or at least his successor as the head of that office was killed during a spectacular fall.Now, Tim change in suits and working, but no. To see all Tim Allen’s movies, please visit¬†Movie25

The Grinch

3. The Grinch

Character created by Dr. Seuss in 1957. The Grinch is considered a symbol of Christmas consumerism refers to prevailing on those dates.This character was made into a film in 2000 in the movie The Grinch (Jim Carrey starring).

Richard Attenboroung

4. Richard Attenboroung

Hollywood went for the fourth time in 1994 classic “Miracle on 34th Street” with a difficult persistence to understand and hoping to repeat the success of the first film, in 1947. This time, Richard Attenborough was in charge of commanding the this blockbuster film

Lohan Lindasy

5. Lindasy Lohan

They have also been dressed as Santa Claus in film, as Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls”, where the former Disney dances with less kilos than the traditional Christmas and clothes that might be unfavorable to the cold North Pole character.








Leslie Nielsen

6. Leslie Nielsen

Although it has not been the best role of his career, “All I want for christmas” we see a Leslie Nielsen wearing that awkwardness that made his career in “The Naked Gun” ( “Where are the police?” Or ” the naked gun “as it was known in several countries).

santa Claus

7. Santa Claus

Character in The Nightmare Before Christmas he was kidnapped by the protagonist of the film Tim Burton. Santa Claus was a distinguished citizen of City of Christmas and, although barely spoke throughout the film, many hardly forget it.

Michelle Monaghan

8. Michelle Monaghan

“Kiss kiss, bang bang” is the film that allowed the actress Michelle Monaghan endorse one of the hottest costumes of Santa Claus who have been in the history of cinema.

Edmund Gwenn

9. Edmund Gwenn

One of the Christmas classics of all time, “Miracle on 34th Street” earned him the actor who played Santa Claus tried, Edmund Gwen, an Oscar as best supporting actor in 1947. Then came four ‘remakes “but Gwen’s reign in the role of Kris Kringle still intact.

Whoopi Goldberg Nigel Hawthorne and

10. Nigel Hawthorne and Whoopi Goldberg

In “Call Me Claus,” Hawthorne plays a Santa who must find a replacement after 200 years of work delivering gifts. Who can be the new Holy? Well, apparently, only Whoopi Goldberg, who does not stop to close the idea.

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