Pregnant at Christmas. Tips to enjoy the holidays

The holidays can alter the daily life of the pregnant woman. The large meals , days of shopping, dining and night parties, dances and trips to see family can affect your health. For this reason, it is advisable to take a series of preventive measures so that the Christmas holidays and family celebrations are compatible with pregnancy, you can visit  Centreville OBGYN.

The daily rhythm of life changes at Christmas , also for expectant mothers who wait for their baby. Beginning with the exhausting purchases until family and social gatherings, which are sometimes complicated by traveling to other places to meet loved ones, the rhythm can be too frantic for the pregnant woman.

Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays if you are pregnant .

1. Let want . Take advantage of meetings with family and friends to show off your pregnancy. You’ll like to feel the center of attention.

2. Think of your baby. Adapting your lifestyle to the needs of your pregnancy , will make you rest more and take things more relaxed. Next Christmas you will have your baby in your arms.

3. Buy party clothes. Take advantage of Christmas to buy beautiful and elegant premamá clothes with which to show off your pregnancy. You will feel beautiful and special. Think, above all, in comfort and highlight your look of pregnant with party accessories.

4. Treat yourself. A massage , a spa session or, a yoga or Pilates class, can help to reconcile this attitude of well-being, serenity and joy that so much favors the spirit during the Christmas holidays.

Prevention in pregnancy against the excesses of Christmas

1. Tobacco smoke. Avoid environments laden with smoke. If you are pregnant, avoid being a passive smoker more than ever , as tobacco smoke can also be harmful to your baby.

2. Alcohol . Choose water before it came for lunch and dinner. If you have to toast for family, Christmas and the New Year , just wet your lips. Any amount of alcohol that you ingest, however minimal, can cross the placental barrier and reach your baby.

3. Meals. If you are healthy, you can eat what you want in a balanced way. Moderation with the amount of food you eat should be your maximum during the holidays. You can try everything, but in small quantities or rations. Thus, your digestions will be lighter and lighter, and you will avoid indigestion or embarrassment.

4. Sweets They have a high caloric index and an abuse of Christmas sweets (nougat, marzipan, polvorones …) can make you get fatter than necessary. If you are diabetic or have been diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy , you must strictly follow your doctor’s instructions on sugar consumption.

5. Social meetings . Being present at parties and family gatherings or friends is a gift for the pregnant woman at Christmas. Enjoy the music, but avoid the moved dances. Do not be too long standing, talk and talk with others sitting down to not get too tired during the evening.

6. Dream Try to go home soon to respect your sleep hours . The night rest is very important during pregnancy to recover strength and energy.

7. Shopping. Organize your shopping list to avoid doing them all at once. Anticipate your purchases to go to stores on days and times where there is likely to be less public. Avoid getting to exhaustion, when you feel tired, go home.

8. Travel. During pregnancy and, depending on the trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman must take a series of precautions with the displacements and the type of vehicle (airplane, train, car). Always choose short trips and take into consideration the precautionary measures during trips during pregnancy. Remember to stretch your legs and walk every few minutes to improve leg circulation and fluid retention that usually accumulates in the ankles.

9. Listen to your body. At the slightest sign of discomfort or fatigue, retire and relax. If you suffer from any of the discomforts of pregnancy , always follow the advice of your gynecologist.

Locksmiths warn: no keys under the mat and bars in the windows this Christmas

The Union of Locksmiths of Security (UCES) advises to extreme the measures of security in the home this Christmas and warns: nothing to leave the key under the mat or in the letter box and to put bars in the windows accessible from the street. According to UCES, 40% of the raids occur during trips of between 1 and 3 days and, therefore and in coincidence with the festivities of Christmas and New Year, the locksmith melbourne call to the citizens to the precaution and they recommend to take a series Of measures to avoid being the victim of theft.

Among them, the addition of interior locks on windows and balconies to prevent opening from outside, to leave the electricity connected for the doorbell or to photograph valuable objects and note the serial number of electronic appliances and appliances. In addition, UCES says that around 80% of the locks installed in Spanish homes “are obsolete and relatively simple to open to new techniques used by criminal gangs.

Bumping (striking a key inserted in the lock with an object), the impressioning (placing a sheet inside the lock where it will be printed the shape of the house key ) or the slip (slide a plastic card that achieves Move the latch), are habitual methods of the thieves. Therefore, it suggests to install armored doors with at least two closing points, avoiding the space between the door and the floor to prevent introducing a lever; As well as the installation of a security shield and a reinforced cylinder that imply a safety increase of 15 and 20 minutes and discourage thieves from entering the house.

Always locking and checking that doors and windows are properly closed are other safety measures that highlight the association of locksmiths.

Nastydress and various e-stores of fashionable price-priced clothing update their apps

With the rapid rise in m-commerce, online stores have no choice but to position themselves within a market with a fierce competition in the most strategic way possible. Both the old players integrated into the m-commerce landscape and the new entries are already more focused on optimizing their apps.

Nastydress, a leading ecommerce company, recently introduced the “Push Message” feature for its app. “The SexylingerieXoxo Fashion Show 2016”, organized in 2016 to raise awareness among its customers about various brands and types of products, has been quite successful. The online shopping destination, which has a prominent range in sexy dresses, added the push button to its mobile application so that its customers can access the latest promotional information.

Rosewholesale, a trendy and trend clothing store, has introduced exclusive mobile exclusive deals. It is known for its commitment to offer wholesale prices to retail buyers. The e-store is already trying to maintain a competitive framework by presenting special prices to its mobile application users. They have added a mobile phone icon on select products that allow users of your app to buy products at an even lower price compared to the prices of your desktop web page.

Twinkledeals, another popular e-store, adds numerous informative pages on the WAP site after the success of their Christmas promotions. The new pages added contain prominent information, such as contact details, refund and refund policy, and instructions from members. These pages are meant to make the online shopping site easier to use. Users can also use the official blog at

DressLily, another very successful online store, has recently launched its updated apps for Android and iOS users. Version 1.6 and Version 1.2.1, the two updated versions for the Android app and iOS app, respectively, are already more functional. Reviews of users received by DressLily in the Google Play Store have shown that the user profile picture can already be demonstrated properly. In addition, iOS app user reviews indicate that developers have fixed bugs. The developers of the e-store have also added discount labels versus the sales clearance products. Currently, it offers 10 reward points for each registered user per day.



The holiday season is here! And many are looking for perfect gifts for vegans . We decided to share our top 5 that we are sure to love any vegan or vegan.



This gift will NEVER go wrong. It is the safest and most delicious option you can give to your loved ones. There are many vegan products that we sometimes do not buy for lack of money or because they are not a priority, but when we have extra money we love to try new things.

With a gift card in these types of stores the person you want will be able to choose anything that catches your attention and satisfy any craving that has been present all year haha.

Some shopping options in Mexico are: Mr.Tofu , VeganVille , Ya’axtal Ecotienda


A dream gift for many vegans is to receive a 100% vegan make-up kit . A few months ago I met an INCREDIBLE brand called Ere Pérez, they not only offer vegan makeup but also ecological and organic makeup.

This Christmas they have a special package that includes a translucent powder of corn, a mask of black almonds and a multi-use balm (lips and cheeks) tone to choose. Ere Perez has shipments throughout Mexico.


You can also check the list of PETA approved vegan makeup products and choose the ones you like and make your own kit.


I know more than 10 vegans that all they want this Christmas is a food processor . Undoubtedly this kitchen utensil is the most functional and versatile you can have at home.

There are different brands, sizes and prices in the market. However I will always recommend buying a processor that has a capacity of more than 8 cups as this will save you a lot of time.Read small food processor reviews and now I use a Hamilton Beach brand processor and you can buy it on Amazon here .



This is an excellent option that not only will love the vegan you most want but it will also allow you to contribute to the fight for animal rights.

AnimaNaturalis has an online store for both Mexico and Spain where you can find a variety of shirts with different messages in support of animal rights. They have sizes for men, women and even children.


If you give a gift this Christmas is a bookworm like me, you will love receiving a book or vegan cookbook. You can never have enough!

Now there is the option of buying ebooks so you can also be friendly with the planet. I give you my list of favorite books and cookbooks and that I’m sure will love any vegan.

  • Eating Animals
  • Animal Liberation
  • The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking   (recipe book)
  • Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen  (recipe book)
  • Isa does it  (recipe book)


This was our perfect gift list for vegans, if you have more ideas let them in the comments section! If you decide to follow our advice tell us how you did.

Christmas Steam Microfiber Special Mop Cleaner

TA Aus until Christmas are offering special steam cleaner deals when all JetSteam steam cleaner or empty JetVac vapor buy with a Thermoglide microfiber steam mop.
TA Aus is recognized worldwide for producing industry leaders in industrial and commercial steam cleaners and steam vacuums with many unique technological patents. TA Aus steam engines are especially well received in healthcare, elder care, hospitality and contractor markets where hygiene is paramount.
Slurry steam cleaners are recommended:

SteamFast SF-226 Hand Grout Steam Cleaner – This is what customers are saying about it. “I had seen this product advertised and was skeptical; … However, I was pleasantly surprised by the SteamFast SF-226 steam cleaning slurry hand made an exceptional job. After using steam, I was able to clean all surfaces of the kitchen . Much work was done on the grout, fires, tile kitchen, tile floors, refrigerator, and carpentry. I highly recommend this little working horse! ”
McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Generator

This is what customers are saying about it. Clean surfaces without using chemicals, melt grease off any painted or chrome surface, Makes vinyl floors look almost new,
– Clean porcelain in sink & odorless without leaving any film, chemical odor or Waste
– Saves you money on a large amount of household chemicals.
It is a vertical floor cleaner, which cleans tiles and grout. This unit has over 1800 reviews and most are 5 stars! This is one of the best carpet cleaners and the floor is not very expensive. Customers who bought this product have said they are very happy with it and would recommend it to others.

Read over 1800 comments are from people who have purchased this unit.

Professional steam cleaner

This machine is powerful and a professional steam cleaner. It will last longer than all other slurry vapors. It is of commercial quality and comes with a good warranty. It has great volume capacity and receives criticism. It is ideal for tile and grout cleaning, but also clean carpets, upholstery, walls and floors of all kinds. Buy this steam slurry and never have to worry about laundering the tiles back!

There are two special steam cleaners available this Christmas by TA Aus. The offers are in the JetSteam steam cleaner range and also the JetVac range of steam cleaners.
JetSteam Special Buy TA Aus JetSteam Steam Cleaner and Microfiber TA Aus steam mop combination to receive an additional $ 200 worth of microfiber without mop heads.
JetVac Special Purchase TA Aus Steam JetVac and Microfiber TA Aus Steam Mop Combination to receive an additional $ 400 worth of microfiber mop heads.
The JetSteam TA Aus and JetVac steam machines are extremely versatile cleaning machines that are ideal to meet a wide range of cleaning requirements including floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery, windows, equipment and more

To be eligible to receive this special Christmas steam cleaner with the microfiber mop head purchase voucher must have been placed between 16/11/2009 to 18/12/2009 through an authorized TA Aus distributor.

How to Lose Weight Before Christmas

If someone does not gain weight during the holidays, let him pass us the recipe! do not? The truth is that it is very difficult not to raise at least two kilos between so many meals, toasts, dinners, and so on. And it is not good not to be able to enjoy them.

Our proposal is that you apply all of November and go down two to three kilos to arriving in December have that “cushion” of kilos less and not have to worry so much. Of course it does not mean that afterwards you can overeat. All in moderation and remember not to start any diet without the personalized and professional advice of an expert.

Nutritionist Raquel Perez de Leon, shares his tips to Pastillas naturales para adelgazar . When you begin?

In the morning

  • Do not skip breakfast. Notice how many hours your body has had no food since the day before. It is essential to have energy and put to work the metabolism .
  • Avoid breakfast cereal only. As it is a lot of sugar, chances are that in a few hours you will be hungry. He prefers more protein , like eggs or ham or sausage sandwich.


  • You’ve heard it a thousand times, but make a snack between meals. That way you avoid getting hungry and overeating at the next meal. It can be a fist of salty peanuts with blueberries, a fruit, cucumbers with chilito or sliced sausages.
  • At lunch, decreases your carbohydrate intake. For example, if you eat tacos with beans, choose only: tortillas or beans. If you have strong willpower, remove both.
  • For starter, you do not have to eat roasted brisket daily. You can choose any stew, just avoid capeados and very creamy dressings .
  • Delayed a few hours and eat dessert one gelatin midafternoon.

[Do not miss: Tips for Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections for losing weight without dieting]

At night

  • Do not skip dinner either. Avoid sweet bread, cookies and anything with excess sugar. He prefers a quesadilla with ham omelets nopal (encourage to try, really do know good) and avoids dairy consumption.
  • Try to have dinner earlier so you do not eat and go to sleep immediately. Take the opportunity to get your dog for a walk or take a walk and do not sleep with heaviness .

And exercise, what’s up?

  • It is basic and nobody is saved if you want to continue giving your guilty tastes. Find him the funny side and stop seeing it as an obligation.
  • Try to start your day with some exercise at least 30 minutes to activate your body and lift your mood. Remember that many times we eat for emotional reasons, more than hunger, and exercise is the best producer of the hormones of happiness.
  • If you want to lose fat and burn calories , ideally cardiovascular exercise. Here we explain the secret to burn more fat.
  • Find an intermediate step or rhythm for your exercise. You have to be able to hold a conversation while you exercise to make sure you’re on the frequency appropriate. If you are drowning in the effort, you put your health at risk and do not burn fat.
  • There is no point that you apply two hours a day in the gym , if the rest of the week will not go. Better go fewer hours, but more constant .

Which of these tips do you think is more difficult to meet?

Gifts for women: cosmetics, the best Christmas gift

Choosing the right Christmas gift is a complicated mission and more when we are a few days away from the Holidays. Therefore we recommend betting on a classic resource that will be very easy hit: the cosmetics .

To give cosmetics, the best option

To put things easy and not get more head on, we have prepared a list of gifts for women, all for less than 40 €. They are cosmetic products that will become your ally. Have a look!


This pack of brand Sensilis is perfect to combat the first signs of age. Includes day cream Upgrade with firming action, a cream can rejuvenate the skin thanks to its formulation based on coffee ine and organic silicon.
It also includes a free eye contour the same line to soften the bags and wrinkles in this area of the face.


In this beautiful box you will find a selection of 4 scented soaps laboratory Klorane: muguet, cologne, oeillet and eglantine. They are made with oil of sweet almonds, so they are perfect for the daily cleaning of the face.


In this pack of Korres you’ll find the essentials that every woman should have in your toiletry bag. This set includes:

  • Illuminating Rosa Salvaje : a face mask that brightens the skin within 10 minutes of application. It is ideal to recover the good appearance of the skin after a night of little sleep.
  • Lip gloss in coral tone Cherry 45 oil and vitamins E and C.
  • Nail Color Deep Red 57 with myrrh extract to improve the hydration of the skin area under the nail.
  • pilaten – Facial Cleansing mask is a beauty mask for facial care. Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face. This great blackhead remover help to remove stain or oil spots on your face with daily use.

Korres-set-makeup-with-lip-gloss-lSENSILIS MAKEUP BRUSHES

What woman does not need a set of make-up brushes in her possession? This neceser 4 brushes high quality enables optimal makeup application both compact powders, as shadows and lipsticks.
What do you think our guide gifts for women this Christmas?

STORIES BEHIND a coffee machine

I will relate the experiences in my place of eternal work, Nino Carbone Boutique. Actually, I Lic Administration with an MBA in finance, I’ve dedicated to selling clothes (family business) and that carambola, I’m passionate about coffee.

In this bar I’ve experienced everything, coffee good, bad coffee, until finally I decided to make my own roasted, and let me story, so what offer clients and friends, is really good. I have become a sensor, they know that if they recommend something, it’s good. That satisfies me.

I have strange things happened. Once I remember a lady who accepted me coffee in it, and it did not drink coffee, but then confessed to me, it looked so good, and I made him so passionately that he wanted me to prepare a cappuccino with “dibujitos “. For eyes also eat, so my grandmother said. Welcome the people as well.

And speaking of cartoons. Once he was running because we had too many people in the store, and I Faje to coffee, of course, there were ladies and gentlemen, and it is asking me 4 espresos and a cappuccino, and is there when I was out the romantic vein Italian, and I say … “I’ll look , ” I make espressos, and at the time of froth milk for cappuccino, it occurs tome: a heart and remain as king. The store clerk and serves them up, and when it comes back tells me: “The Lord commands say very good coffee, but does not understand what the heart in the coffee …” GOD, earth swallow me. I never imagined that he just wanted a capuccino, henceforth always ask “Who is this coffee?”

Once the paste itself was for a lady, and I was annoyed husband “you’re trying to seduce my wife?” Pana, coffee definitely have to be psychic, psychologist, and PTJ, to know the criminal history of each person, and no hurt feelings … I decided some time now, just make figures “unisex” and since you you know what I mean.

It has also passed me from customers who brazenly come through the door: “Pietro this ..” I go out running, epaaaa, as you are, and without any penalty, “10Bs come to save me , give me a coffee ..”
That is you can call fidelity, rather than meanness. The guy just stood up from the table to come for coffee at my store because he knows he is good, and the espresso he likes. I feel flattered

Great are little children, you want to get headlong into the milk pitcher, because they believe the capuccino I did to her mom, paint it with a pencil milk … that tenderness.

coffee machine rental for office Singapore, like many other drinks and infusions, as well as certain foods, odors and flavors, take us back to our childhood, we strike a chord, I passionate late, but it happens, that many of the people sitting in my bar, transported to another time, they close their eyes, and remember that afternoon with Nonnos (if Italian), by the strong flavor of Italian coffee. These days, a couple of friends who met through twitter, came to coffee, and prepare them one frnacesa press, cinnamon, she, I was taken aback with the comment “… This coffee tastes like Christmas …”

Wao, that impression remains locked me as something so dark and red as coffee can remember something so pure and white as christmas …? It turns out that his mother prepares sweets at Christmas, carrying cinnamon.

There are many feelings and passions that break with good coffee … soon keep sharing with you. And thank you for your faithfulness.

Christmas in Mauritius

Mauritius is an ideal destination for family trip for several reasons: for the welcome of its inhabitants, for its safe beaches and calm waters. During the Christmas season this island in the Indian enjoys an excellent climate, thus assuring, a warm and wonderful holiday.

A more kids will love not only swim in warm waters of the Indian Ocean, but also visit the interactive exhibitionL’Aventure du Sucre or go see the giant water lilies and turtles in botanic garden Seewoosagur Ramgoolam . In theReserve Mascarene Vanilla (Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes La) also inhabit giant turtles and crocodiles. Other activities directed many small and adults are horseback riding, quad , or train through theDomaines Les Pailles and excursions in 4 × 4 to Espace Adventure . Two of the trips they like children are output catamaran (Tamarin) to see the friendly dolphins in their natural habitat and spend a day amonglions , monkeys and birds in Casela . Meanwhile, in Trou Aux Cerfs , you will discover the crater of a dormant volcano.

At Christmas, villas in mauritius offer activities and special menus, from activities for children to dinners and special celebrations on Christmas Eve and New Year ‘s Eve for adults. In these establishments you can request a babysitting service. In short, in Mauritius you can spend a family Christmas holiday as a paradise of endless adventures that will make your trip and Christmas unforgettable.

Among the places where children most enjoy, inaddition to the clear waters of the beaches, isL’Aventure du Sucre, an interactive exhibition where you will know the history of the island and the different cultures that have inhabited;Botanical Garden Seewoosagur Ramgoolaminhabited by deer, turtles and giant water lilies;or Reserve Vanilla Mascarene with its giant turtles and crocodiles.

And if excursions we speak, a holiday in Mauritius can not end without a catamaran trip from which toobserve the dolphins that inhabit the Indian or without a visit to Trou Aux Cerfs , an inactive volcano near which live monkeys and a multitude of birds.

Moreover, the most active can enjoy quad biking, horseback, carriage or train Domaines Les Pailles, a nature reserve near Port Luois, capital of Mauritius.

10 best actors and actress as Santa Claus

Christmas movies have earned a special place in film and have become a genre with its own history and its own legendary actors: from Edmund Gwen -the first Kris Kringle- to Billy Bob Thornton and Tim Allen, including passing by Lindsay Lohan.while one might think that is a role with little room for originality, this gallery shows the opposite: while some give away toys, others promise hatchet and others dare to seduce the audience beyond permitted for young audiences .
To be able to enjoy the best quality of these movies, please visit projectfreetv


1. Jack

In “Nightmare before Christmas” ( “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or ( “Nightmare Before Christmas”), Jack lead the project to copy the joy of Christmas Town, but soon realize that the chilling inhabitants of Halloween Town not only can not take a spirit that is you

Tim Allen

2. Tim Allen

The task of Tim Allen in “Santa Clause” is anything but easy: to convince all his loved ones that he is the Father Christmas, or at least his successor as the head of that office was killed during a spectacular fall.Now, Tim change in suits and working, but no. To see all Tim Allen’s movies, please visit Movie25

The Grinch

3. The Grinch

Character created by Dr. Seuss in 1957. The Grinch is considered a symbol of Christmas consumerism refers to prevailing on those dates.This character was made into a film in 2000 in the movie The Grinch (Jim Carrey starring).

Richard Attenboroung

4. Richard Attenboroung

Hollywood went for the fourth time in 1994 classic “Miracle on 34th Street” with a difficult persistence to understand and hoping to repeat the success of the first film, in 1947. This time, Richard Attenborough was in charge of commanding the this blockbuster film

Lohan Lindasy

5. Lindasy Lohan

They have also been dressed as Santa Claus in film, as Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls”, where the former Disney dances with less kilos than the traditional Christmas and clothes that might be unfavorable to the cold North Pole character.








Leslie Nielsen

6. Leslie Nielsen

Although it has not been the best role of his career, “All I want for christmas” we see a Leslie Nielsen wearing that awkwardness that made his career in “The Naked Gun” ( “Where are the police?” Or ” the naked gun “as it was known in several countries).

santa Claus

7. Santa Claus

Character in The Nightmare Before Christmas he was kidnapped by the protagonist of the film Tim Burton. Santa Claus was a distinguished citizen of City of Christmas and, although barely spoke throughout the film, many hardly forget it.

Michelle Monaghan

8. Michelle Monaghan

“Kiss kiss, bang bang” is the film that allowed the actress Michelle Monaghan endorse one of the hottest costumes of Santa Claus who have been in the history of cinema.

Edmund Gwenn

9. Edmund Gwenn

One of the Christmas classics of all time, “Miracle on 34th Street” earned him the actor who played Santa Claus tried, Edmund Gwen, an Oscar as best supporting actor in 1947. Then came four ‘remakes “but Gwen’s reign in the role of Kris Kringle still intact.

Whoopi Goldberg Nigel Hawthorne and

10. Nigel Hawthorne and Whoopi Goldberg

In “Call Me Claus,” Hawthorne plays a Santa who must find a replacement after 200 years of work delivering gifts. Who can be the new Holy? Well, apparently, only Whoopi Goldberg, who does not stop to close the idea.

Take care of your teeth at Christmas

50% of the aesthetic of your teeth depends on the color and anatomy of the enamel. The other 50% depends on your gums are pink and without inflammation. If you are pregnant, carefully looked after your mouth, now that the holidays come around.

Who can resist those trays of cakes and nougat , these tables laden with chocolates, candies and treats many as we offer the Holidays? Difficult situation if you are in the last phase of your pregnancy, since all these products are very energetic, are difficult to digest and also greatly increase the daily calorie intake.And if that were not enough, now your mouth and your teeth are much more likely to produce acids deterioration in tooth enamel.

For your Christmas be as pleasant and happy as ever, but the sweets not take atoll on the health of your mouth, take note of these tips from Dr. Deborah R. Vilaboa, member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, not mistreating your teeth at Christmas.


Remember that the goal is that you enjoy, but without risking.

  • Choose braces colors.
  • Choose the hard, better than white nougat as it takes between 60-70% of Almond, 17% honey, egg whites and low percentage of sugar (soft and chocolate have much more sugar).
  • It provides with zero gas or champagne for children (no alcohol). Alcohol is not suitable for you or your unborn child, and also malic, lactic and citric acids having wine and champagne cause dental erosion. White wine and champagne are more erosive than red wine to both enamel and for cement of the tooth root.
  • If you can not do without the chocolate, choose black chocolate, 70%, with antioxidant and cardioprotective properties.
  • Beware called sugarless sweets, as some contain glucose and fructose, other types of sugars, also harmful to teeth.
  • Coffee, tea and infusions, with a pinch of sugar, spread throughout the day pose a continuing aggression for teeth. Sweetened with aspartame is preferable.
  • Olive oil leaves an invisible film on teeth that decay are unable to penetrate (are data Univeridad Manchester and Adelaide). If you know you’re going to take sweet dessert, included in your meal a salad with this oil, as it is a good ally against tooth wear and decay.
  • If you do not have problems of accumulation of gases, chew sugarless gum, especially after eating to stimulate saliva production. Saliva has a protective effect on the teeth, to neutralize the pH acid produced by bacteria or acidity of food.
  • Beware energy drinks, because they have an acid component wearing tooth enamel. If you’re going to take one, go with her to something solid, so you have to chew and produce saliva, which counteracts the acidity.
  • Ideally, you cepillases teeth three times a day for at least two minutes. But if this can not be, do it at least before going to sleep, staying up late is not an excuse. Choose a bristle brush and medium hardness alternating your regular toothpaste containing other anti caries as xylitol and carbamide peroxide.


Top 10 movies about Christmas

Although just spent the Ecuador of Advent,Christmas for many it is already around the corner.many streets are adorned, and El Corte Ingles is responsible and to remind us.

In this context, soon it will begin to be programmed on television a particular television genre that could be called “Christmas movies.”These films feature some of the most typically Christian values: family reunion, the wishes of happiness, concern for the sick and the disadvantaged, the yearning to return to innocence and childhood.

As a suggestion to rent or watch at home for the next few weeks, I include my personal list of “ten best films about Christmas” includes family films, and -together with latest premium clásicas- some films that can be affordable for all and easier to find in movie2k:

1. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Frank Capra. Christmas Eve, George Bailey is water neck. His whole life has renounced personal projects to help their community; but now the bank has created to help people is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Bailey is a bridge ready to leap into the water, thinking that all their efforts have been in vain. The sudden appearance of Clarence, an angel who still has not earned the wings, you will see how life would have been your family and friends if he had not existed. Undisputed number one genre, which continues to transmit hope and optimism to people of all cultures.

2. The Nativity (2006), by Catherine Hardwicke. Recreate rightly scenarios, customs and tools of the time when Christ was born, but fails portrait the Virgin , Which appears always shy and introverted. However, a good preparation for living the religious meaning of Christmas.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), by Andrew Adamson.A classic of children’s literature, written by CS Lewis. During World War II, four English brothers are sent to a country house to escape the German bombing. One day, while playing hide and seek, little Lucy hides in a closet and suddenly appears in Narnia, a fantasy world that lives a perpetual winter. Back at the mansion, nobody will believe her incredible adventure.But Narnia launch messages to children because of their innocence needs to be redeemed. And that mission will find the majestic lion Aslan, a respectful analogy of the character of Jesus Christ. Even recent film that appealed to children and adults, which blends Christian symbolism with a great epic adventure.

4. Maktub (2011), Paco Arango. Manolo facing a serious crisis in their marriage. One day, near Christmas, he meets Antonio, a boy with cancer who has extraordinary will to live, and that changes his life. This family film format Christmas story, manages to entertain and move, appealing to the good feelings. The director proposes a fable teaching on the meaning of life and disease, talking unapologetic death, transcendence, love, family, the ability to forgive, fidelity and relationships between parents and children. A great choice for young people and adults.

5. illusion also lives (1947), by George Seaton. Near Christmas, the head of a department store hires a jovial, bearded old man to do Santa Claus. The old man soon captures the attention of everyone for their outpouring of sympathy, and also because it says it is the real Santa Claus. With this approach, the boss wants to give all citizens the true meaning of Christmas, including his skeptical daughter. endearing film, nominated for an Oscar, where the materialists and consumers are put in front impulses harsh criticism is made, at this time, the true meaning of Christmas.

6. Family man (2000), by Brett Ratner. Endearing tale about a character who preferred to success rather than marrying the girl of his dreams. On Christmas Eve, alone and without family, he has a strange encounter with his “guardian angel” that will make you see what might have been his life with a happy marriage, with home and children.

7. The large family (1962), of Fernando Palacios. A splendid tribute to the large family, whose climax the loss of one of the children on the eve of Christmas. The best for the familiar sense of these dates.

8. Polar Express (2005), by Robert Zemeckis. A child who has lost the illusion of Christmas is put on a train heading forthe North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Throughout the journey, full of incredible adventures, mysteries and songs, the protagonist will travel to a place much more hidden and importantly, his own heart. Excellent animated film in 3 D.

9. While You Were Sleeping (1995), by Jon Turteltaub. A young grossing metro secretly in love with one of the passengers have the opportunity to save his life, though he remains in a coma; by confusion, everyone will believe that she is his girlfriend. Romantic comedy par excellence, the Capra or LeoMcCarey style, which brings up the need for affection and companionship when Christmas comes.

10. Merry Christmas (2005), by Christian Carion. It tells what happened on 24 December 1914 in the front of Ypres (Belgium), during World War II. a truce for that night involving remain in positions no shot was decreed, but German troops began a carol, and British troops responded with “Adeste Fideles”. Then they exchanged shouts of joy and wishes for a Merry Christmas to all. Soon, there were meetings of each other in no man’s land, where gifts were exchanged and retrieved the fallen. They celebrated funeral with soldiers on both sides, crying losses and offering condolences to each other. A great lesson of Christian solidarity.

Christmas tradition in Mauritius: family gathering, special dinner and gifts for all

On Christmas Eve, the traditional family meal that prevailed in Mauritian families. A moment also embellished by the precious gifts … filed by Santa Claus to the delight of children.

As usual, the night of December 24 in Mauritian families was that of gifts, family meals with parents and meetings that are only possible once a year.

In Christome, Saint-Pierre, the evening began with a large meeting familiale.Le family head, Willy Christome is full-time pastor. Married with four children, he spends his evening of 24 December to his family. The family home, gathered daughters-in-law, step-parents and three grandchildren, Matthew, Chloé and Alexander. For them, Christmas is above all synonymous with gifts.

For older children, it’s an opportunity to share a gourmet meal with relatives. But the spiritual dimension of this moment is not negligible. ” This moment allows us to strengthen family bonds ,” says Willy Christome.Le meal will start elsewhere with a thanksgiving prayer.

On the menu in Christome, grilled chicken, lamb and sausages, accompanied by a large salad and bread. At 20 hours, the table is set, cutlery are made and children are impatient. This is the eldest of Jean-Marc Christome family who is responsible for preparing the food. He received help from his wife Isabelle, who turns out to be very talented in the kitchen.

It is she who was responsible for the preparation of the famous Christmas cake and special ice house. “Last year I proposed a chocolate mousse, this year I attempted to ice family fun , “says Isabelle-Leste Christome, which is also one of the finalists Superchef. During the meal, the greatest choose to make jokes, tell stories.

Our last Christmas was spent in mauritius apartments and it give importance to our children to contribute to the festive atmosphere awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Then the family gives way to backfiring waiting midnight, at which time Santa has to deliver cadeaux.A coming a minute from the highly anticipated midnight, the three children are no longer in place. The lights are off and the little flock to the terrace with sparkling eyes.

They see a red cap, far away in the alley. ” Mom, Santa ! “Writes Alexander, the youngest. The big man, dressed all in red with a large white beard, is right on time. As’ habitube. Santa Claus distributes gifts that are immediately unpacked in a hubbub, mixing laughter and joy.Chloe discovers her makeup bag and her doll, Matthew’s RC car and Alexander, his 4X4.Adults are not forgotten. They open their gifts with as much enthusiasm as the children.

“N ll want our children to live those precious moments of their childhood. When they grow up, they will always remember evenings marked by the arrival of Santa Claus , “says their mother, with a smile.

Know the expenses you can deduct the company for Christmas

Experts from XERO bookkeeper sydney explain labor law specialists and tax and labor requirements for holiday spending as the basket or gifts for suppliers conditions.

Management spoke with laboralista César Puntriano, director of workplace PwC and tributarista Edwin Vilca, Senior Manager Tax Consulting PwC on recommendations that companies must follow to prevent control of the Sunat on expenses incurred during Christmas festivities.

Labor issue

Puntriano Sunat said the work being done stage directions from contributions that are based Essalud calculation worker’s compensation, verifying payments that are considered non-remunerative not actually conceal remuneration.

Labor law states that are not considered compensation Christmas baskets or the like, which means not only delivering the basket (panetón, turkey, chocolate and others). But any type of gift or entertainment that the employer grants its staff.

In addition, companies should consider that the delivery of goods or prizes by parties related to an analysis of reasonability. So, would not qualify as compensation: the prize last year to more productive worker or goals, but would conceal a payment by productivity, he said.

Secondly, he said, that the amount or value that is delivered must also be reasonable, depending on the worker’s income on average should not exceed 20% or 30% of his salary, he said.

Tax aspect

Vilca recommended that the holiday basket is considered as income of the worker, ie, such as higher remuneration for purposes of payment of income tax for the fifth category.

It is usual for the analysis of companies is limited only to treat the holiday basket as a deductible or not spending, and given that levy the tax General Sales Tax (IGV) retirement of property, was considered as an expense the company.

In addition, he said the Sunat comes annotating any delivery of goods to workers or workers demanding “constancy or delivery charge.”

Thus the Sunat requires that any gift to be delivered should be credited with a document certifying delivery of profit, and when there is no such list the IRS know that spending in the company.

The history of this criterion, in the case of medical samples, where the Sunat disowned as an expense to the pharmaceutical company, the delivery of these goods by medical sales because they could not prove their delivery, and this criterion, it is spreading to other sectors, he said.

A recommendation for gifts for commercial purposes where it is not necessary to have proof of delivery, are the costs of representation provided that identifies the individual benefit (a gift from manager to manager and the like).

In this case, it is limited to 0.5% of gross revenues in the year to 40 UIT (S /. 152,000) a year.

In the case of a good delivered as propaganda not have a limit amount, he added.

Kendall Jenner dances with Santa Claus


The youngest of the Kardashian family, Kendall Jenner, stars a video of The Love Magazine showing her latest photo shoot with the publication, whose cover shares with the British Cara Delevingne.

In lingerie, Kendall Jenner dances with Santa Claus
The model 19, Kendall Jenner, the younger sister of the Kardashian family, posted photos on his Instagram account of her photo shoot for the magazine The Love Magazine, which had already advanced some samples of this work.

Also, The Love Magazine presented a video of the photo shoot of Kendall Jenner for the next issue of the magazine edition will share with the British Cara Delevingne, according to the image that shared the same publication in their social networks.

In the video, Kendall Jenner, half-sister of socialite Kim Kardashian, dance to California Girls Katy Perry, a small reference to where the model, where her skirt is removed to dance with Santa Claus, who ends born by spank.

In the video for approximately 40 seconds, alternated between images of black and white and color, Kendall Jenner enjoys facet which is specializing, so it is called to be one of the new supermodels in the world Fashion

Kendall Jenner, at age 19, builds his own path in entertainment, using the momentum that gives you participate in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality show family, and helping the relationship he had with Harry Styles, a member of One direction.

It should be noted that Kendall Jenner was about to be presented with Victoria’s Secret in their annual parade held this time in London, but his contract with Chanel prevented him to present his new French brand the collection the same day. Get more news about Kendall to this website

Nine DJ celebrate Christmas with an electronic show

9 DJs

The first edition of the electronic party and Christmas We AfterChristmas takes place tonight, after family celebrations for Christmas and to close the festivities with a meeting of Melbourne DJ hire mixes live in an outdoor setting with a wood fire.

Nine musicians and two visual artists merge into a show featuring futuristic sounds and a stage with lights and pantallas.El event What AfterChristmas starts at 23:00 and continues for the rest of the morning of Friday, December 25, with the presentation of Ecuadorian artists. it is forbidden the entry of alcoholic beverages and access for the public at a cost of US $ 10 . the meeting was held in the room Parsifal concerts in Tumbaco. the Ecuadorian DJ Sebastian Torres, Francisco Benitez, Cesar Martinez, Gio, Didou, Fercho Henao, Juan Andrés Jarrin, Domi Charvet and Diego Celi are responsible for putting sounds ranging from electronic music, techno, electro house, dance and funk. they are accompanied by visual artists Alejandro Hallo and Esturardo Novoa. They have a show of robotic lights, giant screens and colorful projections to liven up the party. The DJ Diego Celi comes with the repertoire of his album ‘Totem’, and some of his most famous subjects, such as Escape, A latency beyond of existence, Moon, Martini 69, Bravery and CHORONZON, among others. the DJ Domi Charvet is also operates as a producer in Groovebeat. She has a collection of techno and house music in his personal set. The Gio Ecuador, whose real name is Sergio Ppa, living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and varies between electronic subgenres of deephouse, tech house, minimal and techno .

Christmas Precautions during pregnancy

They arrive dinners, family gatherings, shopping sessions … But this year is special. A baby is on the way and his mom has to take care. What you can eat, which are prohibited, what drinks should avoid ..? Let the professors from ob gyn tell you what to do.

At lunchtime

To the lunchtime! Most Christmas celebrations pass around a table full of delicacies, and many pregnant seen as a nuisance not being able totake some food. However, the range of possibilities is very wide: exquisite fish baked, nutritious roasted turkey or hunting, fresh pineapple, a fruit consumed at this time acting as anatural digestive, pureed chestnut or apple … Just alittle imagination and perhaps adapt some recipes , to enjoy the pleasures of good food. Of course, taking care with:

  • Binge : ‘One day is a day’, say when we are celebrating … Today is a special meal, but there is a special dinner tomorrow, and so goes on and on for 15 days.Being pregnant, try to moderate and not just because the more we catch weight during pregnancy, the harder it recover after also for our welfare. Avoid binging and eating less food in five meals a day can be a good solution, and avoid lying down immediately after eating.
  • The vagaries : A piece of nougat or marzipan is OK, but not to overindulge in sweets and cakes . Now, to sweeten the holidays are perfect desserts based on fruit, such as applesauce or baked apple, yogurt or ice cream. Similarly, the sauces that accompany fish and meat, fried and, for example, meat pies or pastries, should be eaten only sporadically, like spicy foods or pates.

When drinking

Experts do not cease to warn of the negative consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy . Taking large amounts of this substance may cause very serious fetal alcohol syndrome, a rare disease and, in smaller doses, affects the normal growth and development of the fetus and the child born.

Not that ‘only a glass of wine’ will cause terrible damage to the baby , the problem is not known what is the safe dose. So err on the side of zeal and without it completely throughout pregnancy.

Water and natural fruit juices freshly squeezed (in moderation) are the best drinks forpregnant women , but we want to introduce a little variety, you have to be careful:

  • Beverages ‘no’ : is not the same as a non – alcoholic drink, as some beer and wine, a soft drink. The first composition may be traces of alcohol (less than 5%), although occasionally taken not harm the fetus, in large quantities or too often may. Better check the labeling well .
  • Soft drinks : Soft drinks are a good alternative, but in moderation, because they contain lots of sugar and gas, which can be annoying, especially in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. They could also decrease the absorption of calcium and some vitamins.
  • Exciting : During pregnancy , should reduce caffeine intake to one or two cups a day . Remember that caffeine is not only in coffee. Green and black tea, cola and other soft drinks also contain caffeine. We are substituting these days coffee after eating by infusions of chamomile, anise or peppermint, not only we will be reducing caffeine intake, but also facilitate digestion.

Prohibited foods during pregnancy

Although aflojemos some rules during the holidays, we should not lose sight of that food that our gynecologist has ‘crossed out of the list’ for any reason, in addition to those considered unsuitable for pregnant women :

  • Raw fish and meat is not recommended consumption of fish (sushi) or beef (carpaccio, tartare) raw or very little by the risk of transmission of certain germs that may be dangerous to the fetus during pregnancy.
  • Marinated fish, smoked or pickled, pickle … : In addition to being raw, they have the additional risk that may lead preservatives, to avoid during pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized cheeses : There is a small chance of getting an infection by a bacterium called listeria , which causes severe damage to the fetus. It is best toavoid cheeses (and all foods) made from unpasteurized milk, for example, soft cheeses such as feta, brie, camembert, roquefort or cabrales.
  • Tuna and swordfish : The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition tightened recommendations on fish consumption, recommending avoid eating bluefin tuna and swordfish (also called emperor) for its high mercury content.However, fish is a staple food in the diet of pregnant protein content and high -quality fats (such as omega – 3 fats from oily fish). Grouper baked, stuffed hake, cod in sauce, bream … all are great choices for the holidays!
  • Sausages : They are made with raw meat, so no consumption during pregnancy is recom, especially if the woman is not immunized against taxoplasmosis . We can replace them with cooked ham. It ‘s not the same, but … we think we know how delicious Serrano ham in a few months.