Christmas in Mauritius

Mauritius is an ideal destination for family trip for several reasons: for the welcome of its inhabitants, for its safe beaches and calm waters. During the Christmas season this island in the Indian enjoys an excellent climate, thus assuring, a warm and wonderful holiday.

A more kids will love not only swim in warm waters of the Indian Ocean, but also visit the interactive exhibitionL’Aventure du Sucre or go see the giant water lilies and turtles in botanic garden Seewoosagur Ramgoolam . In theReserve Mascarene Vanilla (Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes La) also inhabit giant turtles and crocodiles. Other activities directed many small and adults are horseback riding, quad , or train through theDomaines Les Pailles and excursions in 4 × 4 to Espace Adventure . Two of the trips they like children are output catamaran (Tamarin) to see the friendly dolphins in their natural habitat and spend a day amonglions , monkeys and birds in Casela . Meanwhile, in Trou Aux Cerfs , you will discover the crater of a dormant volcano.

At Christmas, villas in mauritius offer activities and special menus, from activities for children to dinners and special celebrations on Christmas Eve and New Year ‘s Eve for adults. In these establishments you can request a babysitting service. In short, in Mauritius you can spend a family Christmas holiday as a paradise of endless adventures that will make your trip and Christmas unforgettable.

Among the places where children most enjoy, inaddition to the clear waters of the beaches, isL’Aventure du Sucre, an interactive exhibition where you will know the history of the island and the different cultures that have inhabited;Botanical Garden Seewoosagur Ramgoolaminhabited by deer, turtles and giant water lilies;or Reserve Vanilla Mascarene with its giant turtles and crocodiles.

And if excursions we speak, a holiday in Mauritius can not end without a catamaran trip from which toobserve the dolphins that inhabit the Indian or without a visit to Trou Aux Cerfs , an inactive volcano near which live monkeys and a multitude of birds.

Moreover, the most active can enjoy quad biking, horseback, carriage or train Domaines Les Pailles, a nature reserve near Port Luois, capital of Mauritius.

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