Christmas Precautions during pregnancy

They arrive dinners, family gatherings, shopping sessions … But this year is special. A baby is on the way and his mom has to take care. What you can eat, which are prohibited, what drinks should avoid ..? Let the professors fromĀ ob gyn tell you what to do.

At lunchtime

To the lunchtime! Most Christmas celebrations pass around a table full of delicacies, and many pregnant seen as a nuisance not being able totake some food. However, the range of possibilities is very wide: exquisite fish baked, nutritious roasted turkey or hunting, fresh pineapple, a fruit consumed at this time acting as anatural digestive, pureed chestnut or apple … Just alittle imagination and perhaps adapt some recipes , to enjoy the pleasures of good food. Of course, taking care with:

  • Binge : ‘One day is a day’, say when we are celebrating … Today is a special meal, but there is a special dinner tomorrow, and so goes on and on for 15 days.Being pregnant, try to moderate and not just because the more we catch weight during pregnancy, the harder it recover after also for our welfare. Avoid binging and eating less food in five meals a day can be a good solution, and avoid lying down immediately after eating.
  • The vagaries : A piece of nougat or marzipan is OK, but not to overindulge in sweets and cakes . Now, to sweeten the holidays are perfect desserts based on fruit, such as applesauce or baked apple, yogurt or ice cream. Similarly, the sauces that accompany fish and meat, fried and, for example, meat pies or pastries, should be eaten only sporadically, like spicy foods or pates.

When drinking

Experts do not cease to warn of the negative consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy . Taking large amounts of this substance may cause very serious fetal alcohol syndrome, a rare disease and, in smaller doses, affects the normal growth and development of the fetus and the child born.

Not that ‘only a glass of wine’ will cause terrible damage to the baby , the problem is not known what is the safe dose. So err on the side of zeal and without it completely throughout pregnancy.

Water and natural fruit juices freshly squeezed (in moderation) are the best drinks forpregnant women , but we want to introduce a little variety, you have to be careful:

  • Beverages ‘no’ : is not the same as a non – alcoholic drink, as some beer and wine, a soft drink. The first composition may be traces of alcohol (less than 5%), although occasionally taken not harm the fetus, in large quantities or too often may. Better check the labeling well .
  • Soft drinks : Soft drinks are a good alternative, but in moderation, because they contain lots of sugar and gas, which can be annoying, especially in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. They could also decrease the absorption of calcium and some vitamins.
  • Exciting : During pregnancy , should reduce caffeine intake to one or two cups a day . Remember that caffeine is not only in coffee. Green and black tea, cola and other soft drinks also contain caffeine. We are substituting these days coffee after eating by infusions of chamomile, anise or peppermint, not only we will be reducing caffeine intake, but also facilitate digestion.

Prohibited foods during pregnancy

Although aflojemos some rules during the holidays, we should not lose sight of that food that our gynecologist has ‘crossed out of the list’ for any reason, in addition to those considered unsuitable for pregnant women :

  • Raw fish and meat is not recommended consumption of fish (sushi) or beef (carpaccio, tartare) raw or very little by the risk of transmission of certain germs that may be dangerous to the fetus during pregnancy.
  • Marinated fish, smoked or pickled, pickle … : In addition to being raw, they have the additional risk that may lead preservatives, to avoid during pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized cheeses : There is a small chance of getting an infection by a bacterium called listeria , which causes severe damage to the fetus. It is best toavoid cheeses (and all foods) made from unpasteurized milk, for example, soft cheeses such as feta, brie, camembert, roquefort or cabrales.
  • Tuna and swordfish : The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition tightened recommendations on fish consumption, recommending avoid eating bluefin tuna and swordfish (also called emperor) for its high mercury content.However, fish is a staple food in the diet of pregnant protein content and high -quality fats (such as omega – 3 fats from oily fish). Grouper baked, stuffed hake, cod in sauce, bream … all are great choices for the holidays!
  • Sausages : They are made with raw meat, so no consumption during pregnancy is recom, especially if the woman is not immunized against taxoplasmosis . We can replace them with cooked ham. It ‘s not the same, but … we think we know how delicious Serrano ham in a few months.

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