Christmas tradition in Mauritius: family gathering, special dinner and gifts for all

On Christmas Eve, the traditional family meal that prevailed in Mauritian families. A moment also embellished by the precious gifts … filed by Santa Claus to the delight of children.

As usual, the night of December 24 in Mauritian families was that of gifts, family meals with parents and meetings that are only possible once a year.

In Christome, Saint-Pierre, the evening began with a large meeting familiale.Le family head, Willy Christome is full-time pastor. Married with four children, he spends his evening of 24 December to his family. The family home, gathered daughters-in-law, step-parents and three grandchildren, Matthew, Chloé and Alexander. For them, Christmas is above all synonymous with gifts.

For older children, it’s an opportunity to share a gourmet meal with relatives. But the spiritual dimension of this moment is not negligible. ” This moment allows us to strengthen family bonds ,” says Willy Christome.Le meal will start elsewhere with a thanksgiving prayer.

On the menu in Christome, grilled chicken, lamb and sausages, accompanied by a large salad and bread. At 20 hours, the table is set, cutlery are made and children are impatient. This is the eldest of Jean-Marc Christome family who is responsible for preparing the food. He received help from his wife Isabelle, who turns out to be very talented in the kitchen.

It is she who was responsible for the preparation of the famous Christmas cake and special ice house. “Last year I proposed a chocolate mousse, this year I attempted to ice family fun , “says Isabelle-Leste Christome, which is also one of the finalists Superchef. During the meal, the greatest choose to make jokes, tell stories.

Our last Christmas was spent in mauritius apartments and it give importance to our children to contribute to the festive atmosphere awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Then the family gives way to backfiring waiting midnight, at which time Santa has to deliver cadeaux.A coming a minute from the highly anticipated midnight, the three children are no longer in place. The lights are off and the little flock to the terrace with sparkling eyes.

They see a red cap, far away in the alley. ” Mom, Santa ! “Writes Alexander, the youngest. The big man, dressed all in red with a large white beard, is right on time. As’ habitube. Santa Claus distributes gifts that are immediately unpacked in a hubbub, mixing laughter and joy.Chloe discovers her makeup bag and her doll, Matthew’s RC car and Alexander, his 4X4.Adults are not forgotten. They open their gifts with as much enthusiasm as the children.

“N ll want our children to live those precious moments of their childhood. When they grow up, they will always remember evenings marked by the arrival of Santa Claus , “says their mother, with a smile.

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