How to Lose Weight Before Christmas

If someone does not gain weight during the holidays, let him pass us the recipe! do not? The truth is that it is very difficult not to raise at least two kilos between so many meals, toasts, dinners, and so on. And it is not good not to be able to enjoy them.

Our proposal is that you apply all of November and go down two to three kilos to arriving in December have that “cushion” of kilos less and not have to worry so much. Of course it does not mean that afterwards you can overeat. All in moderation and remember not to start any diet without the personalized and professional advice of an expert.

Nutritionist Raquel Perez de Leon, shares his tips to Pastillas naturales para adelgazar . When you begin?

In the morning

  • Do not skip breakfast. Notice how many hours your body has had no food since the day before. It is essential to have energy and put to work the metabolism .
  • Avoid breakfast cereal only. As it is a lot of sugar, chances are that in a few hours you will be hungry. He prefers more protein , like eggs or ham or sausage sandwich.


  • You’ve heard it a thousand times, but make a snack between meals. That way you avoid getting hungry and overeating at the next meal. It can be a fist of salty peanuts with blueberries, a fruit, cucumbers with chilito or sliced sausages.
  • At lunch, decreases your carbohydrate intake. For example, if you eat tacos with beans, choose only: tortillas or beans. If you have strong willpower, remove both.
  • For starter, you do not have to eat roasted brisket daily. You can choose any stew, just avoid capeados and very creamy dressings .
  • Delayed a few hours and eat dessert one gelatin midafternoon.

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At night

  • Do not skip dinner either. Avoid sweet bread, cookies and anything with excess sugar. He prefers a quesadilla with ham omelets nopal (encourage to try, really do know good) and avoids dairy consumption.
  • Try to have dinner earlier so you do not eat and go to sleep immediately. Take the opportunity to get your dog for a walk or take a walk and do not sleep with heaviness .

And exercise, what’s up?

  • It is basic and nobody is saved if you want to continue giving your guilty tastes. Find him the funny side and stop seeing it as an obligation.
  • Try to start your day with some exercise at least 30 minutes to activate your body and lift your mood. Remember that many times we eat for emotional reasons, more than hunger, and exercise is the best producer of the hormones of happiness.
  • If you want to lose fat and burn calories , ideally cardiovascular exercise. Here we explain the secret to burn more fat.
  • Find an intermediate step or rhythm for your exercise. You have to be able to hold a conversation while you exercise to make sure you’re on the frequency appropriate. If you are drowning in the effort, you put your health at risk and do not burn fat.
  • There is no point that you apply two hours a day in the gym , if the rest of the week will not go. Better go fewer hours, but more constant .

Which of these tips do you think is more difficult to meet?

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