Know the expenses you can deduct the company for Christmas

Experts from XERO bookkeeper sydney explain labor law specialists and tax and labor requirements for holiday spending as the basket or gifts for suppliers conditions.

Management spoke with laboralista César Puntriano, director of workplace PwC and tributarista Edwin Vilca, Senior Manager Tax Consulting PwC on recommendations that companies must follow to prevent control of the Sunat on expenses incurred during Christmas festivities.

Labor issue

Puntriano Sunat said the work being done stage directions from contributions that are based Essalud calculation worker’s compensation, verifying payments that are considered non-remunerative not actually conceal remuneration.

Labor law states that are not considered compensation Christmas baskets or the like, which means not only delivering the basket (panetón, turkey, chocolate and others). But any type of gift or entertainment that the employer grants its staff.

In addition, companies should consider that the delivery of goods or prizes by parties related to an analysis of reasonability. So, would not qualify as compensation: the prize last year to more productive worker or goals, but would conceal a payment by productivity, he said.

Secondly, he said, that the amount or value that is delivered must also be reasonable, depending on the worker’s income on average should not exceed 20% or 30% of his salary, he said.

Tax aspect

Vilca recommended that the holiday basket is considered as income of the worker, ie, such as higher remuneration for purposes of payment of income tax for the fifth category.

It is usual for the analysis of companies is limited only to treat the holiday basket as a deductible or not spending, and given that levy the tax General Sales Tax (IGV) retirement of property, was considered as an expense the company.

In addition, he said the Sunat comes annotating any delivery of goods to workers or workers demanding “constancy or delivery charge.”

Thus the Sunat requires that any gift to be delivered should be credited with a document certifying delivery of profit, and when there is no such list the IRS know that spending in the company.

The history of this criterion, in the case of medical samples, where the Sunat disowned as an expense to the pharmaceutical company, the delivery of these goods by medical sales because they could not prove their delivery, and this criterion, it is spreading to other sectors, he said.

A recommendation for gifts for commercial purposes where it is not necessary to have proof of delivery, are the costs of representation provided that identifies the individual benefit (a gift from manager to manager and the like).

In this case, it is limited to 0.5% of gross revenues in the year to 40 UIT (S /. 152,000) a year.

In the case of a good delivered as propaganda not have a limit amount, he added.

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