Locksmiths warn: no keys under the mat and bars in the windows this Christmas

The Union of Locksmiths of Security (UCES) advises to extreme the measures of security in the home this Christmas and warns: nothing to leave the key under the mat or in the letter box and to put bars in the windows accessible from the street. According to UCES, 40% of the raids occur during trips of between 1 and 3 days and, therefore and in coincidence with the festivities of Christmas and New Year, the locksmith melbourne call to the citizens to the precaution and they recommend to take a series Of measures to avoid being the victim of theft.

Among them, the addition of interior locks on windows and balconies to prevent opening from outside, to leave the electricity connected for the doorbell or to photograph valuable objects and note the serial number of electronic appliances and appliances. In addition, UCES says that around 80% of the locks installed in Spanish homes “are obsolete and relatively simple to open to new techniques used by criminal gangs.

Bumping (striking a key inserted in the lock with an object), the impressioning (placing a sheet inside the lock where it will be printed the shape of the house key ) or the slip (slide a plastic card that achieves Move the latch), are habitual methods of the thieves. Therefore, it suggests to install armored doors with at least two closing points, avoiding the space between the door and the floor to prevent introducing a lever; As well as the installation of a security shield and a reinforced cylinder that imply a safety increase of 15 and 20 minutes and discourage thieves from entering the house.

Always locking and checking that doors and windows are properly closed are other safety measures that highlight the association of locksmiths.

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