Nastydress and various e-stores of fashionable price-priced clothing update their apps

With the rapid rise in m-commerce, online stores have no choice but to position themselves within a market with a fierce competition in the most strategic way possible. Both the old players integrated into the m-commerce landscape and the new entries are already more focused on optimizing their apps.

Nastydress, a leading ecommerce company, recently introduced the “Push Message” feature for its app. “The SexylingerieXoxo Fashion Show 2016”, organized in 2016 to raise awareness among its customers about various brands and types of products, has been quite successful. The online shopping destination, which has a prominent range in sexy dresses, added the push button to its mobile application so that its customers can access the latest promotional information.

Rosewholesale, a trendy and trend clothing store, has introduced exclusive mobile exclusive deals. It is known for its commitment to offer wholesale prices to retail buyers. The e-store is already trying to maintain a competitive framework by presenting special prices to its mobile application users. They have added a mobile phone icon on select products that allow users of your app to buy products at an even lower price compared to the prices of your desktop web page.

Twinkledeals, another popular e-store, adds numerous informative pages on the WAP site after the success of their Christmas promotions. The new pages added contain prominent information, such as contact details, refund and refund policy, and instructions from members. These pages are meant to make the online shopping site easier to use. Users can also use the official blog at

DressLily, another very successful online store, has recently launched its updated apps for Android and iOS users. Version 1.6 and Version 1.2.1, the two updated versions for the Android app and iOS app, respectively, are already more functional. Reviews of users received by DressLily in the Google Play Store have shown that the user profile picture can already be demonstrated properly. In addition, iOS app user reviews indicate that developers have fixed bugs. The developers of the e-store have also added discount labels versus the sales clearance products. Currently, it offers 10 reward points for each registered user per day.


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