Nine DJ celebrate Christmas with an electronic show

9 DJs

The first edition of the electronic party and Christmas We AfterChristmas takes place tonight, after family celebrations for Christmas and to close the festivities with a meeting of Melbourne DJ hire mixes live in an outdoor setting with a wood fire.

Nine musicians and two visual artists merge into a show featuring futuristic sounds and a stage with lights and pantallas.El event What AfterChristmas starts at 23:00 and continues for the rest of the morning of Friday, December 25, with the presentation of Ecuadorian artists. it is forbidden the entry of alcoholic beverages and access for the public at a cost of US $ 10 . the meeting was held in the room Parsifal concerts in Tumbaco. the Ecuadorian DJ Sebastian Torres, Francisco Benitez, Cesar Martinez, Gio, Didou, Fercho Henao, Juan AndrĂ©s Jarrin, Domi Charvet and Diego Celi are responsible for putting sounds ranging from electronic music, techno, electro house, dance and funk. they are accompanied by visual artists Alejandro Hallo and Esturardo Novoa. They have a show of robotic lights, giant screens and colorful projections to liven up the party. The DJ Diego Celi comes with the repertoire of his album ‘Totem’, and some of his most famous subjects, such as Escape, A latency beyond of existence, Moon, Martini 69, Bravery and CHORONZON, among others. the DJ Domi Charvet is also operates as a producer in Groovebeat. She has a collection of techno and house music in his personal set. The Gio Ecuador, whose real name is Sergio Ppa, living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and varies between electronic subgenres of deephouse, tech house, minimal and techno .

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