STORIES BEHIND a coffee machine

I will relate the experiences in my place of eternal work, Nino Carbone Boutique. Actually, I Lic Administration with an MBA in finance, I’ve dedicated to selling clothes (family business) and that carambola, I’m passionate about coffee.

In this bar I’ve experienced everything, coffee good, bad coffee, until finally I decided to make my own roasted, and let me story, so what offer clients and friends, is really good. I have become a sensor, they know that if they recommend something, it’s good. That satisfies me.

I have strange things happened. Once I remember a lady who accepted me coffee in it, and it did not drink coffee, but then confessed to me, it looked so good, and I made him so passionately that he wanted me to prepare a cappuccino with “dibujitos “. For eyes also eat, so my grandmother said. Welcome the people as well.

And speaking of cartoons. Once he was running because we had too many people in the store, and I Faje to coffee, of course, there were ladies and gentlemen, and it is asking me 4 espresos and a cappuccino, and is there when I was out the romantic vein Italian, and I say … “I’ll look , ” I make espressos, and at the time of froth milk for cappuccino, it occurs tome: a heart and remain as king. The store clerk and serves them up, and when it comes back tells me: “The Lord commands say very good coffee, but does not understand what the heart in the coffee …” GOD, earth swallow me. I never imagined that he just wanted a capuccino, henceforth always ask “Who is this coffee?”

Once the paste itself was for a lady, and I was annoyed husband “you’re trying to seduce my wife?” Pana, coffee definitely have to be psychic, psychologist, and PTJ, to know the criminal history of each person, and no hurt feelings … I decided some time now, just make figures “unisex” and since you you know what I mean.

It has also passed me from customers who brazenly come through the door: “Pietro this ..” I go out running, epaaaa, as you are, and without any penalty, “10Bs come to save me , give me a coffee ..”
That is you can call fidelity, rather than meanness. The guy just stood up from the table to come for coffee at my store because he knows he is good, and the espresso he likes. I feel flattered

Great are little children, you want to get headlong into the milk pitcher, because they believe the capuccino I did to her mom, paint it with a pencil milk … that tenderness.

coffee machine rental for office Singapore, like many other drinks and infusions, as well as certain foods, odors and flavors, take us back to our childhood, we strike a chord, I passionate late, but it happens, that many of the people sitting in my bar, transported to another time, they close their eyes, and remember that afternoon with Nonnos (if Italian), by the strong flavor of Italian coffee. These days, a couple of friends who met through twitter, came to coffee, and prepare them one frnacesa press, cinnamon, she, I was taken aback with the comment “… This coffee tastes like Christmas …”

Wao, that impression remains locked me as something so dark and red as coffee can remember something so pure and white as christmas …? It turns out that his mother prepares sweets at Christmas, carrying cinnamon.

There are many feelings and passions that break with good coffee … soon keep sharing with you. And thank you for your faithfulness.

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