Take care of your teeth at Christmas

50% of the aesthetic of your teeth depends on the color and anatomy of the enamel. The other 50% depends on your gums are pink and without inflammation. If you are pregnant, carefully looked after your mouth, now that the holidays come around.

Who can resist those trays of cakes and nougat , these tables laden with chocolates, candies and treats many as we offer the Holidays? Difficult situation if you are in the last phase of your pregnancy, since all these products are very energetic, are difficult to digest and also greatly increase the daily calorie intake.And if that were not enough, now your mouth and your teeth are much more likely to produce acids deterioration in tooth enamel.

For your Christmas be as pleasant and happy as ever, but the sweets not take atoll on the health of your mouth, take note of these tips from Dr. Deborah R. Vilaboa, member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, not mistreating your teeth at Christmas.


Remember that the goal is that you enjoy, but without risking.

  • Choose braces colors.
  • Choose the hard, better than white nougat as it takes between 60-70% of Almond, 17% honey, egg whites and low percentage of sugar (soft and chocolate have much more sugar).
  • It provides with zero gas or champagne for children (no alcohol). Alcohol is not suitable for you or your unborn child, and also malic, lactic and citric acids having wine and champagne cause dental erosion. White wine and champagne are more erosive than red wine to both enamel and for cement of the tooth root.
  • If you can not do without the chocolate, choose black chocolate, 70%, with antioxidant and cardioprotective properties.
  • Beware called sugarless sweets, as some contain glucose and fructose, other types of sugars, also harmful to teeth.
  • Coffee, tea and infusions, with a pinch of sugar, spread throughout the day pose a continuing aggression for teeth. Sweetened with aspartame is preferable.
  • Olive oil leaves an invisible film on teeth that decay are unable to penetrate (are data Univeridad Manchester and Adelaide). If you know you’re going to take sweet dessert, included in your meal a salad with this oil, as it is a good ally against tooth wear and decay.
  • If you do not have problems of accumulation of gases, chew sugarless gum, especially after eating to stimulate saliva production. Saliva has a protective effect on the teeth, to neutralize the pH acid produced by bacteria or acidity of food.
  • Beware energy drinks, because they have an acid component wearing tooth enamel. If you’re going to take one, go with her to something solid, so you have to chew and produce saliva, which counteracts the acidity.
  • Ideally, you cepillases teeth three times a day for at least two minutes. But if this can not be, do it at least before going to sleep, staying up late is not an excuse. Choose a bristle brush and medium hardness alternating your regular toothpaste containing other anti caries as xylitol and carbamide peroxide.


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