Top 10 movies about Christmas

Although just spent the Ecuador of Advent,Christmas for many it is already around the corner.many streets are adorned, and El Corte Ingles is responsible and to remind us.

In this context, soon it will begin to be programmed on television a particular television genre that could be called “Christmas movies.”These films feature some of the most typically Christian values: family reunion, the wishes of happiness, concern for the sick and the disadvantaged, the yearning to return to innocence and childhood.

As a suggestion to rent or watch at home for the next few weeks, I include my personal list of “ten best films about Christmas” includes family films, and -together with latest premium clásicas- some films that can be affordable for all and easier to find in movie2k:

1. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Frank Capra. Christmas Eve, George Bailey is water neck. His whole life has renounced personal projects to help their community; but now the bank has created to help people is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Bailey is a bridge ready to leap into the water, thinking that all their efforts have been in vain. The sudden appearance of Clarence, an angel who still has not earned the wings, you will see how life would have been your family and friends if he had not existed. Undisputed number one genre, which continues to transmit hope and optimism to people of all cultures.

2. The Nativity (2006), by Catherine Hardwicke. Recreate rightly scenarios, customs and tools of the time when Christ was born, but fails portrait the Virgin , Which appears always shy and introverted. However, a good preparation for living the religious meaning of Christmas.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), by Andrew Adamson.A classic of children’s literature, written by CS Lewis. During World War II, four English brothers are sent to a country house to escape the German bombing. One day, while playing hide and seek, little Lucy hides in a closet and suddenly appears in Narnia, a fantasy world that lives a perpetual winter. Back at the mansion, nobody will believe her incredible adventure.But Narnia launch messages to children because of their innocence needs to be redeemed. And that mission will find the majestic lion Aslan, a respectful analogy of the character of Jesus Christ. Even recent film that appealed to children and adults, which blends Christian symbolism with a great epic adventure.

4. Maktub (2011), Paco Arango. Manolo facing a serious crisis in their marriage. One day, near Christmas, he meets Antonio, a boy with cancer who has extraordinary will to live, and that changes his life. This family film format Christmas story, manages to entertain and move, appealing to the good feelings. The director proposes a fable teaching on the meaning of life and disease, talking unapologetic death, transcendence, love, family, the ability to forgive, fidelity and relationships between parents and children. A great choice for young people and adults.

5. illusion also lives (1947), by George Seaton. Near Christmas, the head of a department store hires a jovial, bearded old man to do Santa Claus. The old man soon captures the attention of everyone for their outpouring of sympathy, and also because it says it is the real Santa Claus. With this approach, the boss wants to give all citizens the true meaning of Christmas, including his skeptical daughter. endearing film, nominated for an Oscar, where the materialists and consumers are put in front impulses harsh criticism is made, at this time, the true meaning of Christmas.

6. Family man (2000), by Brett Ratner. Endearing tale about a character who preferred to success rather than marrying the girl of his dreams. On Christmas Eve, alone and without family, he has a strange encounter with his “guardian angel” that will make you see what might have been his life with a happy marriage, with home and children.

7. The large family (1962), of Fernando Palacios. A splendid tribute to the large family, whose climax the loss of one of the children on the eve of Christmas. The best for the familiar sense of these dates.

8. Polar Express (2005), by Robert Zemeckis. A child who has lost the illusion of Christmas is put on a train heading forthe North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Throughout the journey, full of incredible adventures, mysteries and songs, the protagonist will travel to a place much more hidden and importantly, his own heart. Excellent animated film in 3 D.

9. While You Were Sleeping (1995), by Jon Turteltaub. A young grossing metro secretly in love with one of the passengers have the opportunity to save his life, though he remains in a coma; by confusion, everyone will believe that she is his girlfriend. Romantic comedy par excellence, the Capra or LeoMcCarey style, which brings up the need for affection and companionship when Christmas comes.

10. Merry Christmas (2005), by Christian Carion. It tells what happened on 24 December 1914 in the front of Ypres (Belgium), during World War II. a truce for that night involving remain in positions no shot was decreed, but German troops began a carol, and British troops responded with “Adeste Fideles”. Then they exchanged shouts of joy and wishes for a Merry Christmas to all. Soon, there were meetings of each other in no man’s land, where gifts were exchanged and retrieved the fallen. They celebrated funeral with soldiers on both sides, crying losses and offering condolences to each other. A great lesson of Christian solidarity.

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