Be prepared for Outdoor Adventures

Spending a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors year-around, be it primitive or carrying modern gear, can be a hobby filled with memories for a life time. I quite like hiking, hiking, and caving adventures in probably the most remote forests areas you can imagine. I know love to go on treks to places seen by few.

Good planning, training, proper clothing, adequate equipment and experience are vital essentials to an uneventful outdoor adventure trip. Opposed to this Chuan Teik Ying of the coin, if you are ill prepared, improvising your success will become a test of your resourcefulness and your good luck.

You have seen the dramatic events happen on the news of men and women lost with a hundred search and rescuers, dogs, helicopters and aircraft working to find the lost person. Even with all the experience, skills and preparedness bad things can still happen it is a fact of life.

My goal is to try and tip the weighing machines slightly on your behalf by presenting some basic tips for being prepared. I am not the soloist type so the people I take adventure trips with are my close friends and family who enjoy these adventures also.

My suggestion is you go out on adventures with people you trust, may be even with your life. When the chips are down can you count on them and can they count on you. Even the most minor problem in a forests adventure can become very serious quickly. Do not expect you’ll switch 911 for help. Even if you do manage to get a call out for help, how long is it going to take to reach you?

So that being said; being prepared is essential. An advanced enthusiast just getting started I would recommend your first step is to be prepared with some simple but life saving skills and items before your adventure trip.

Making a success pack of items to will have with you is a must. Fire making methods, shelter materials, enough water, water treatment and signaling devices are priority must haves. Food is a benefit to your physical energy and mental health. Though not really necessary, I love to eat so my success pack has some energy snacks just-in case. First-aid supplies can make life easier when you need them so pack at least a basic kit. Have the basic success items on your person not in your main pack. Never set out without these basic tools and you will have a story to tell and not a disaster to go into detail.

Have the training for the type of outdoor activities you propose on doing. Take it slow, and learn to walk before you run. Take the time to learn and hone your level of skills and experience. Beyond training, read as much as you can on your desired adventure interest. Study from others who have made the mistake or have that special idea you can pull from as it’s needed.

I recommend all outdoor adventure enthusiast take a forests first-aid and CPR course. The Forests Medicine Institute has programs tailored to the outdoor adventurer or you can find an application from any of the many quality first-aid training providers in your area like the American Red Cross, The Emergency Care and Safety Institute, National Safety Local authority or council just to name a few. Look at this as added insurance to your family, friends and fellow adventures. Knowing what to do in an emergency will have its reward if you use it just one time.

How is your health today? Make sure you have the health and fitness level to do the game safely. This is not the time for keeping secrets. Have your medications on your person and let everyone you adventure with know where it is and what to do with it. See your physician if you have any questions about your health. Again start slow and build up to the desired fitness level.

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