Ceramic Urns – The Perfect Memorial Display

Ceramic urns are considered to be one of the most elegant looking urns available in the market today. A ceramic urn is able to beam up a room and brings on some decorum to any memorial garden. With its exquisite creative work, ceramic urns epitomize the spirit of the person that has passed away.

These cremation urns hraven’t changed a lot over the years. Artists that make urns use more or less the same designs and cultures that were prevalent then. With the availability of a wide range of ceramic urns to choose fom, it is not easy to select the right type of urn.

One of the types of ceramic urns available in the market is the random patterned ceramic urn. These urns have a range of colors spread out in various patterns. These patterns are finished by a firing and reduction process in which some materials are added to create these patterns. The finish on these urns is that of a marble based product.

The stencil glazed ceramic urns have colorful scenes that are stencil glazed against a background. This is done by firstly firing the urn to get a backdrop followed by application of the stencil beautification.

The metallic accent fired ceramic urns have metallic oxides that are added to the firing process to create great colors on the outside of the urn. The metals that are generally used are cobalt, iron and nickel.

All the above mentioned urns are generally classified into two types; the production cast ceramic urns and the hand thrown ceramic urns. The production cast urns ceramic planter are usually produced in mass and the clay on which different kinds of work are done is molded by a machine followed by which they are hand bedecked by stencils.

The hand thrown urns are made in the more traditional manner utilizing the services of a potter’s wheel. Following this, the urn is then ornamented by hand, fired and glazed. Some of these urns are adorned with details that are accentuated with gold. They come in exquisite designs that either are usually in elegant floral or landscapes that are airbrushed that completes it look.

Urns also can be bought in designs that are reminiscent of cathedrals, palaces, temples and castles that are usually dome and steeple shaped. This is a blend of the traditional and the modern take for cherishing the memory of your loved one for years to come.

These urns are bought to life using traditional techniques where a piece of clay is spun over a wheel and then given its unique shape. It requires a lot of skill and experience to create these exquisite cremation urns. Therefore ceramic urns are handcrafted by well known artists who generally rely on traditional forms of creating these beautiful urns and other types of pottery. Ceramic urns have been around since centuries and are considered to be one of the most familiar products that are created by ceramic art.

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