How a Car Wrap Can Benefit Your Business

If you want your business to succeed, you have to market it well. However, it can be difficult to find advertising methods that are cost-effective and produce worthwhile results. For this reason, many people are turning to unconventional advertising methods to promote their businesses. One example of this type of an approach is the use of car wraps.

Advantages of Marketing With Car Wraps

A car wrap provides exceptional value for your advertising dollars. Car wraps are:


When you install a car wrap, you are not limited to a single advertising spot or a single slot of time. Your car graphics go wherever you go, and you have complete control over where and when you advertise. You can drive around in heavily populated neighborhoods or park in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. You also have the opportunity to use van wraps on your delivery or service vans that you already drive around a lot.

highly visible

Billboards often get missed as cars zoom by on the highway, and most people change the channel when commercials come on. However, it is difficult to ignore large car graphics on a vehicle driving right beside you. This gives you the car wrap santa ana potential to reach a much larger audience with your car, van and truck wraps. In fact, studies done by the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement have shown that a vehicle wrap can receive as many as 70,000 views in a single day.


When you wrap your vehicle with your company graphics or advertising message, you get your advertising space all to yourself. You are not competing with anyone else for the attention of your viewers, as you would be in a magazine or on a billboard.


Vehicle wraps give your business ongoing exposure for a one-time fee. There is no monthly rental cost, and the initial cost is often less than what you would pay for a single month of billboard advertising. Vehicle wraps usually last at least five years, and independent advertising researchers have estimated that they cost a mere $1 per thousand impressions. In addition, if you get changeable truck wraps or bus wraps, you can transform your advertisement completely at very little additional cost.


A car wrap gives your company a professional look and helps people see that you are serious about your business. As a result, they are more likely to take you seriously as well.


There are many different types of wraps, each one with its own unique set of advantages. These include:

car wraps

Many companies have already invested in company cars, and their employees drive them around not only during working hours, but after hours as well. You can maximize this investment by transforming these cars into advertising canvases.

van wraps

Vans have a much larger surface area than cars and can therefore convey a lot more information about a company. On the other hand, they are not as big as trucks and can consequently be taken a lot more places. In addition, many vans deliver goods or provide services, which puts them in contact with a wide range of potential customers.

truck wraps

Trucks have more different wrapping options than either vans or cars. You can wrap the entire truck to achieve maximum visibility and convey more company information, or you can do a partial wrap or use cut graphics to save money. You also have the option of installing a nearly invisible frame that can hold movable graphics.

bus wraps

Buses are often used to transport passengers all over town. This, combined with their great size, makes them the most visible advertising canvas there is.

fleet graphics

If you own a fleet of vehicles and get them all wrapped, you have greatly multiplied your exposure. These fleet graphics can either be the same from vehicle to vehicle, or you can use different vehicles to advertise different products. Either way, they provide a highly effective method of branding.

The success of a business can often be measured by the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Vehicle wraps are not only effective, but they cost less than other types of advertisement, are more visible and provide more control. With all of these advantages and so many different options, why wouldn’t you use this method to promote your business?

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