How I Built My EVH Frankenstrat Guitar

My passion has always been electric guitars. However, it’s a hobby that can be very expensive. When Eddie Van Halen became well known in the late 70’s, he made the most incredible sounds ever with a homemade guitar that didn’t cost him an “arm and a leg”.

I had always wanted a version of his red/black/white Frankenstrat guitar. Recently, Fender has made a beautiful replica of this guitar at a WHOPPING $25,000 per guitar and there was no way I could afford one. The only recourse I had was to build one myself. Luckily for me, there are all kinds of sites on the internet dedicated to this guitar.

My first task was to find a strat style guitar body. Again, guitar parts I was able to find a web site that sold replicas of the exact body style that I needed. The next step was to find a guitar neck and the hardware and electronics needed to complete the project. Once again, I turned to the internet to find inexpensive, but quality, hardware and electronics.

Once I had all the parts I needed, I decided to paint the guitar body. For this project, I used Krylon lacquer. The reason for this choice was because the original guitar was painted with cheap spray paint, and I wanted the look of the original.

I first painted the body black, then I used 3M fine line tape to stripe the body and painted the guitar body white. After removing the tape, I had to re-stripe the body with more 3M fine line tape to recreate the final look of the original. When it was finished, I had a close replica of the original.

After the paint dried, I attached the neck, and added the hardware such as the tremolo, locking nut, and tuning pegs. Next, I had to add the pickup and other electronics to finish the guitar.

After all the hardware and electronics were installed, I had my very own Frankenstrat. I am very proud of the guitar, and I saved close to $24,500.



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