How To Craft The Most Amazing Text Message To A Girl You Like

Texting a girl can feel like performing heart surgery. One wrong move and your relationship could be dead. Most guys have no idea how they should text a girl so they end up sending her a neutral “safe” text, like hi, hey, what you up to? Safe texts are boring and many times you’ll end up getting a one word response or you won’t get a response at all.

How a girl responds to your text depends on how well you craft your texts. Of course, you don’t have to be an Edgar Allen Poe but a little bit of understanding on call girls in karachi how girls tick will help you come up with some good things to text a girl. Girls respond to emotions. Emotions = excitement and girls love a little bit of excitement, especially over text. So, how do you create this excitement? Simple. Use action words and “smart compliments” when you craft your texts. Action words and smart compliments can make even the most boring text turn into something more fun and even flirtatious. Let’s take a look at some good, better and best things you can text a girl you like. We’re about to turn an ordinary text into something extraordinary.

Good Things To Text A Girl

“What kind of things do you like to do for fun?”

This text is good because it makes a girl think about having fun. It’s an easy answer because girls can think of a million things they can do for fun. Whether it be watching a movie, swimming, bowling, skating, whatever. It’s also a great setup for asking her out on a date. It’s an opportunity to spend time with her – doing what she likes to do best. But, how can we make this text even better?

Better Things To Text A Girl

“What does a fun girl like you do when she wants to enjoy herself?”

This text is crafted even better. That’s because, this time you sent her a text about fun and combined it with a smart compliment. A smart compliment praises her without being too direct. Ordinary compliments would simply say “You’re a fun girl”. This text goes beyond that. Now she’s flattered that you called her a fun girl but now she’ll be telling you what she likes to do to enjoy herself. This is a text she is much more likely to respond to because you caught her attention without pressuring her too much.

Best Things To Text A Girl

“What sorts of things do you do when you aren’t charming the pants off dreamy guys named [your name]?”

Out of all the texts asking a girl what she likes to do for fun, this is the best one. Here you’re complimenting her on her charm, you’re asking her what she likes to do for fun and you’re using more action words like charming and dreamy. Words like this make you seem more fun to talk to. Calling yourself a dream guy exudes confidence when you craft it like this. Using the components of flirtation, self-confidence and a littly humor makes your texts more interesting to read. Interesting texts get responded to much more than your ordinary texts. This text also has an element of flirtation. So, if the girl didn’t know you liked her before, she’ll definitely know it now.

Jokes To Text A Girl

“My friend just tried to convince me to grow a handlebar mustache. He was overwhelmingly unsuccessful. Do you have any feelings on mustaches?”

Although not technically a joke, this can definitely make a girl lol. Everyone knows that being able to make a girl laugh will build trust and excitement in the relationship. Try not to use stand up jokes or one liners. Chances are she might have heard them before or worse, she might not even get them at all. Everybody has their own sense of humor. So, it’s a good idea to use jokes that are more ridiculous than hilarious. Something like:

“Let’s start a rock band. Can you learn the drums by Tuesday?”

Bad Things To Text A Girl

If you end up texting her something that you wish you could take back, chances are you sent her a bad text. Common bad texts include telling her how you feel about her too soon, twisting her words or blaming her for something she might/might not have done. If you happen to be in this situation, cool your head and don’t text her for at least a few days. The brain is very good at slowly letting things go if you avoid contact. The best thing you can do once things have cooled off is to talk to her in person. If things go well with the one on one, you can use your texting game to lure her back into the intimate relationship.

Good texting takes a little practice. There are so many ways to capture a girl’s interest using text messaging. You have the advantage over other guys when you craft creative, interesting texts. The better you can make your text, the more likely you are to creating and building interest with the girl that you like. Typical text messages don’t work to create that interest. It’s up to you spice things up.


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