Inventions Fame and Fortune

A corporation or investors looking to make a buck out of what you have created often rip off many inventors.

You may be employed in a company that has a clause in your contract usually along the lines of I agree that anything I invent (that can be a idea or product)at work or in some cases even after you have left the job it still remains the possession of your boss.

This might sound fair if you where hired to invent stuff and I would properly agree with your boss. Some contracts have this clause as standard terms and agreement and you may want to reread your contract.

If your where hired to sweep floors and came up with an invention of a super supreme floor sweeper I would be inclined to say keep it for yourself although you could face a challenge to ownership if you went from floor sweeper to millionaire over night!

You may want to sit down with your boss and discuss your contract (not your idea) and see if you could revisit the terms and conditions. Beforehand it would be advisable to do some research on Assignment of Inventions, Work Practices and Confidentiality Agreements and patents approach a lawyer who deals in this field. Be aware of lawyers and do not I repeat do not discuss your invention with him or her. Invent Help

Many inventors have found out the hard way in their enthusiasm and in their passion for their invention have told just about told anyone and have suffered for it.

A dangerous stage is the development of your invention or idea this is where you must let go of your baby to see it grow and start sharing this can be a hard thing to do for a D.I.Y inventor as often the inventor as had many hours alone and built/created it in isolation over a long period.Invent Help

This is also the stage where you can take your cut of the cake and move on with your life you will also need to make sure you don’t have sellers regret as this can haunt you in the future as you see your invention go from yours alone to the world. This also can be one of your proudest moments in your lifetime and you could have all the fame fortune one could ask for.



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