Sport’s Greatest Dynasty

If you happen to live in the New York area and someone mentions “Sport’s Dynasty,” you immediately think of the New York Yankees. What with nearly a century of championships averaging almost one every three years, it is hard to argue against the Bronx Bombers. 해외축구중계 

But I’d like to advance the theory that during a 10 year span, from 1975-1984 the New York Islanders were as good a team as New York has ever seen in any sport. During that span this hockey team managed to do the following:

Come back from down 3 games to none in a Stanley Cup quarterfinal series to win the series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. They were only the second team in all of sports to accomplish this.
Come back again from down 3-0 to tie the semi-final series that same year before losing in 7 games to the Philadelphia Flyers.
Produce no fewer than 5 Hockey Hall of Fame players
Win 4 consecutive Stanley Cups.
Win an incredible 20 Stanley Cup playoff series in a row.
Play in the Stanley Cup finals 5 times.
Play in the semi-finals 9 times
Set the record for most consecutive games won during the regular season
And the list goes on. All of these accomplishments were completed in relative obscurity since the Islanders were playing in suburbia, away from the glaring focus of the New York media. While they got coverage during their peak performance years, it paled in comparison to the coverage their arch-rivals, the New York Rangers would have received had it been them and not the Isles winning all of those Stanley Cups. This was proven in 1994 when the Rangers won their first and only Cup since 1941 and were the darlings of the New York media.

Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier, Mike Bossy, Billy Smith and Clark Gillies were the Hall of Famers. Al Arbour, their coach also was elected to the Hall of Fame. Maybe more impressive than that is the list of greats on those teams that were not Hall of Famers. These include Bob Nystrom, Bob Bourne, John Tonelli, Glen Resch, Dave Lewis, and Butch Goring to name a few.

No team, before or since in any sport had as great a run as the Islanders did between 1980 and 1984 when they strung together a string of 20 consecutive victorious playoff series, before finally losing in the Stanley Cup finals to The Edmonton Oilers in 1984. While their four consecutive Stanley Cups is not a record (the Montreal Canadiens won five straight back when the playoffs consisted of only two series, the semi-finals and the finals), the Isles’ 20 straight series wins en route to their four Stanley Cups are actually double what the Canadiens had to win to get their five. This far exceeds what any team in any sport has ever done, and this great run certifies the Isles status as a sport’s dynasty.

When these players aged and faded, so did the fortunes of the Islanders. But for that 10 year period, no team dominated its sport like they did. One of their own, Denis Potvin, an intelligent defenseman with a sense of hockey history said it best. “We are the best that ever skated.” And they were. For detailed information about these great Islander teams you can check here:

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