The Morning-after pill has suddenly gained a lot of popularity as a sure way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. It is important to know how effective this medication is and how it works in helping a woman not get pregnant.

What is Morning-after pill?

Morning-after pill is the emergency contraceptive that is used after unprotected sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy. This medication it quite misleading, as this pill works when taken within 72 hours to 5 days and not later. Thus, this contraceptive is more of an emergency contraceptive, than a morning-after pill.

The morning-after pill is similar to the female hormone progestin medication, except for the dosage of the Progestin hormones are a bit higher to instantly stop the release of an egg from the ovaries.

When is this medication used?

This medication can be used by women if

•A woman has forgotten to take her birth Cytotec cochabamba control contraception

•When the safe days have been miscalculated

•Forced sex

•When the condom has accidentally broken or slipped off resulting in ejaculation

•When either of the partners has forgotten to take any form of birth control

How does this medication work?

This medication has the female hormone progestin that is very effective in making sure that the ovaries do not release eggs or cause ovulation. Pregnancy can be avoided when there is no egg present in the uterus for the sperm to join with. This emergency contraceptive is misunderstood for an abortion pill, but it is nothing but a contraceptive pill that helps a woman avoid getting pregnant.

How do you take his medication? How effective is it?

You can take this medication as soon as you can after having unprotected intercourse.Having a number of brands that provide with contraceptive medication, these pills are available in single and two doses, so you can choose which ever brand you think is best. Just swallow it with water. Morning-after pill is usually taken from 72 hours to five days after having unprotected sex. It is preferred that you take this emergency contraceptive as soon as you can so that it works better. The sooner you take these medications the better; these contraceptives are effective in avoiding pregnancy.

Is it safe to take these pills? What are the disadvantages of taking these contraceptives?

Taking emergency contraceptive is very common these days and also considered safe. There have not been any serious complications as such. There are minor disadvantages associated with the use of this medication. It is advisable that the contraceptive medication should be used only occasionally and not as a regular birth control.

Nausea and discomfort are the most common side effects with these pills. Other side effects are irregular bleeding, stomach ache, headaches, dizzy spells, and tender breasts. If after taking the morning-after pill your period is late, then it is better to consult your health care provider to rule out pregnancy.

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