What is Rattan Wicker Furniture?

Rattan wicker furniture is generally high end furniture that can be used in the home or garden. You might also see this furniture called rattan conservatory furniture or rattan patio furniture. Wicker rattan furniture generally comes in modern and traditional styles and is widely available in most countries.

Essentially rattan is a vine that has been used for furniture construction for hundreds of years. The vine is tough and inflexible when cold but when heat is applied directly the vine becomes malleable until the heat is taken off the vine. At this point the vine, keeping it’s new shape returns to its hard inflexible state. These characteristics have made the vine great for furniture construction for years. Wicker is a process of weaving the vine, so rattan wicker is similar to cane wicker work or reed or grass wicker, just a lot more robust.

Furniture made from rattan wicker is long lasting and durable, it is Indoor Wicker Furniture great for indoor use and can be used outdoors if stored correctly, out of the damp. Wicker rattan furniture usually requires cushions as it can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods. Natural rattan furniture is usually constructed with hardwood frames and this, with the traditional construction techniques, can make this furniture expensive. The styles of natural rattan furniture tend to be traditional rather than complex but the advent of poly rattan wicker furniture has led to lower prices, more design choice, wider selection of colors, greater availability and more widespread availability.

Poly wicker rattan furniture is essentially man made rattan wicker effect furniture made from resins or plastics and mounted on aluminum frames. The furniture is weather proof meaning it is great for those of us that do not have storage space for the natural traditional furniture. It is also cheaper, more durable as it is not affected by damp induced moulds, and available in a wider variety of styles including more contemporary modernist styles that can’t be produced with the natural material. Whatever type suits you and your budget you can be sure rattan wicker furniture will give you years of use and enjoyment whilst adding classical traditional or contemporary style to you indoor or outdoor space.

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